pong.pngThis weeks Beyond Gaming is a bit of a birthday celebration. Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the first game being hooked up to a television, so to all the consoles out there: Happy Birthday. The first game was played by Ralph Baer, Bill Harrison and Bill Rusch at the Sanders Associates company. The title they were working on? Just a little game called Pong. The world changed that day and it hasn’t looked back since.

British police must be feeling pretty sheepish after a case of mistaken identity, involving Tomb Raider heroine Lara Croft. 42 year-old David Williams called to complain about kids making prank phone calls to his place of business, where he offered PC’s and computer repairs. In the shop happens to be a life-sized statue of Ms. Croft holding her twin 9mm pistols. The police, peeking through the window, saw a silhouetted figure holding a gun, and called for armed backup. The street was blocked off and SO19 (British SWAT cops) broke down the door and attempted to arrest the statue. Mr. Williams was arrested on firearms charges and held for 13 hours. Lets all laugh at the stupid coppers.

Movie goers got the chance to play Breakout on the big screen after a recent showing of Spider-Man 3. Here’s the video:
[ev type=”youtube” data=”y6izXII54Qc”][/ev]

And finally, a student at the University of Wyoming cast doubt upon his eligibility to attend the school after electrocuting himself by urinating on his still plugged in PS2 in honour of purchasing a PS3. He’s lucky he’s not up for a Darwin Award. Doctors at a local hospital confirmed that he was an idiot.

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