I am sure that each of us has his own list containing the best video games of 2008.  I found an interesting list at the Seattle Times.  Here are some of the points which I found interesting.

Most Improved: “Rock Band 2”

The original “Rock Band,” in which a group of four players can sing and play guitars and drums together, was a fantastic game. When “Rock Band 2” arrived, it included no earthshaking differences. So why is it a “best of the year” title? Because the newest version of this solid game shows the power of listening closely to players “” and making just the right changes.

I like the fact that they took a look at this game even though there weren’t major changes to it.  Sometimes, the minor tweaks are what really make the difference between a good game and THE best game, don’t you think?

Best for Kids: “Mario Kart” Wii

As Mario might say, “This game, it is not so much the brain surgery.” To play, you pop your Wii remote into the plastic steering wheel, hit the gas and go, baby, go.

“Mario Kart” includes plenty of options: many characters to play, different courses, etc. But really, who cares? You drive a go-cart around until it skids off a cliff. Your friends, who are watching “” and dying to join in “” laugh when you wipe out. Really, what else do you need?

I agree with almost everything.  What don’t I agree with?  The label that it is best for kids!  I am no kid (if the calendar were to be believed, that is) but I just love playing Mario Kart on my Wii.  This game is indeed worthy of being part of the “best” list.

Visit the article here to read more.

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