bbcdish.jpgSimon Nelson, keynote speaker on the second day of the EIF and Director of BBC Vision, revealed in the course of his talk that they are currently testing a Kids MMO which is to be made accessible from the BBC’s website.

Called Adventure Rock, the game will present kids with a 3D world in which they can create, learn and play. Much like reality, but far safer and more sterile. Much like the BBC’s news. The game looks pretty enough and has some interesting looking features and mini-games, but I don’t see it causing much of a ripple in terms of grown up gamers.

Another ‘game’ that Mr. Nelson mentioned was Signs of Life. A blend of online video and flash games, and very much in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer vein of teen drama. Each short episode is accompanied by a portion of a personality test and a few puzzles, over the series these will build up into a complete profile which will be postable on mySpace or other social network.

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