Diablo III players must log in to Battle.net to play the game. Therefore, their account information may have been stolen and they should change their passwords.

Anyone who has played Diablo III, World of Warcraft, or StarCraft II recently and has a Battle.net account, take note; Blizzard reports that its Battle.net servers have been hacked.  Specifically, Battle.net’s North American servers have been hacked.  While Blizzard doesn’t think that personal information like credit card numbers or home addresses were taken, many users’ login names, encrypted passwords, and security questions may have been compromised.  Blizzard (and me) suggest that anyone with a Blizzard.net account change their passwords and account security questions ASAP.

-Nick’s take:  It’s hard to trust gaming companies with our account information when so many of them get hacked.  Welcome to the future, folks!

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