I love writing positive reviews. Playing through a game, and at the end of it being able to praise a developer for outstanding work really is the highlight of this job.  While I would very much have liked to quote my previous article stating “AVP is awesome” that’s simply not the case.

I gave myself ample time this week in order to play through the multiplayer modes and finish the campaign, having done both of those in the first day I was left with six days and a disk tray filled with disappointment.

While playing through the three campaigns it became increasingly clear why they decided to release a multiplayer demo instead of a singleplayer one. The three campaigns are plagued with substandard texturing and and gameplay mechanics that feel like they belong in 1996. The Marine campaign is probably the best of the three but only because you don’t encounter the texture problems inside the confined corridors in which you spend most of the game, unfortunately you’re still left completing mission after mission of “Find this console, open this door” with absolutely zero incentive beyond staying alive.

The Alien and Predator campaigns fair far worse as they take place in dense jungle or dusty terrain where the majority of the shading and texturing problems can be found. Even the character models themselves (Outside of the gruesome finishing moves) are lacking detail and feel very two-dimensional.

Multiplayer is the only shining star in this otherwise lackluster title.  The game modes are varied and enjoyable enough the keep players coming back for more despite the Multiplayer suffering from many of the same issues from campaign, plus a few of its own. The matchmaking system is honestly one of the worst I’ve ever seen, with one in five attempts actually resulting in a game.

Overall the game is decent, the positives outweigh the negatives… but only just. It’s truly sad to see a game failing to live up to it’s potential, leaving us with a mediocre game instead of the innovative and inspirational title that it could have been.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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