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Here at Gaming Moments we believe that video games are just as valid an art form as music, movies and literature. The creation of a video game is a task that takes skill, dedication and a lot of investment of time, much as the creation of any other art does. Games reflect the world we live in and allow us to escape from our daily troubles for a little while, a good game makes an intellectual and emotional connection with the player and teaches them something along the way (even if its only to improve their hand-eye coordination).

Games are a young art form, and as such experiences the same misunderstandings and prejudice as other forms of entertainment have over the years, The printing press was condemned when it made cheap books available to all, the cinema has often been cited as a corrupting influence, as has television, and the number of times popular music has been criticised you’d think it would have brought down society by now. Video Games allow us to do things that we couldn’t do in real life, be it soar among the skyscrapers of Paragon City in City of Heroes, or beat a prostitute to death in any of the Grand Theft Auto games. The majority of players know that its not real, that’s why we play the games. If we thought that the games were real they wouldn’t be much of an escape now would they.

Games are yet another expression of humanity’s fears, desires, needs, and intellect. Given form by skilled individuals and companies who, for the most part, love what they do, and we love that they do it. As gaming matures it will gain the acceptance of the masses and the fears and misunderstanding will fade. Like all great art, games are here to stay.


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