Guess what has been taking up most of my time?  Video games?  Yeah, that’s a given ““ but what specific game?  You got it ““ the Guitar Hero franchise has got me sitting on my couch, standing in my living room, and kneeling on the floor.  I told you that I recently got my hands on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith right?  It didn’t take me long to beat the game, though, and since it has no available downloads for additional songs, I pretty much wanted something else a couple of days after.

That’s why I got my hands on Guitar Hero: World Tour before the weekend.  I figured I would need something new to keep me busy over the weekend and World Tour seemed like it would do the trick ““ and yes, it did.  I didn’t have the extra bucks to spend on the whole band kit and since I had a guitar controller already, I just got the game.  I don’t regret it!

The song list for World Tour is very very good ““ better than I expected, actually.  Of course, there are a few duds in there, like songs I have never even heard of but the good ones make up for it.  The graphics are awesome, although to be honest, I don’t get to appreciate it much when playing because I tend to get distracted.  When someone else is playing, though, I cannot take my eyes off the screen.

The best thing is that you can get downloads from the PS Store anytime you want.  And you know what?  Some of them are for free!

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