Nothing really massive to note this week, so I figured I’d just post a whole bunch of little things instead.

I spent most of this week splitting time between a third Mass Effect 2 runthrough, the Alien Vs Predator demo, and the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo, so here’s a bit of info.

AVP Is Awesome

While it’s only a multiplayer demo it still gives us great insight as to how the actual game plays. The only gametype available in the demo is Deathmatch, which is rather unfortunate since most of the time it’s an absolute free-for-all,  it’s far more interesting watching the species unite against each other. We’ve gotten a few games in which we have all members of each species refrain from attacking each other, instead focusing their efforts on the other two, and it’s just way more fun.

enemies don’t live long enough for facehuggers

Each of the three species has its own strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for victory.  A Human’s best hope is to stick with his teammates and hold down an area while keeping their back to the wall to avoid flanking. In a group humans are devastating as their combined efforts tear Xenomorphs apart as if they were tissue paper. Predators are built for ambushes, their weapons are slow to use but generally kill in one hit. A fully equipped Predator is not something you want to go up against. My one criticism in regards to the Predators is how crowded the control scheme can be at times, juggling between 4 weapons, 3 vision modes, healing, and stealth it can all be a bit overwhelming.

I’ve had the most fun playing as the Aliens, unlike the other two species the Aliens weren’t designed for sustained combat. Instead they’re at their best when running in, striking fast, and getting the hell out of the way before being blasted to pieces by a pulse rifle. The ability to run on walls and ceilings can at first be disorienting, but once you get the hang of it you unlock your potential as a the deadliest guerrilla warrior of all time.

Battlefield: Don’t compare it to COD


First off, the demo is amazing. It holds true to everything the Battlefield series stands for and shows the continued dedication of the developer to create the perfect combat game. Most of the issues from BC1 have been resolved and with the improvements to the destruction and graphics engines, we’re left with a remarkably polished game. These are of course just demo impressions. We’ll see how the full game turns out on March 2nd.

I’ve gotten into a couple of discussions over the last few days with friends regarding Battlefield: BC2 and how it compares to COD, the fact is.. it doesn’t. I’ve played every Battlefield game since the release of 1942, and own every COD game ever made, and I’m telling you right now, you cannot compare these games. COD is about ground level, player vs player, intensity. Battlefield is all about scope, you have to constantly be aware of tanks, UAV’s,  APC’s, Helicopters, Boats, and every kind of vehicle you can possibly imagine, all the while remembering that you have an objective to complete… oh ya and there are guys to kill as well.

Apart from the fact that you shoot people, these games are nothing alike.

Alan Wake & Halo Reachit holds videogames? my kind of book…

Alan Wake finally got a release date and a beautiful collectors edition, so get your orders in now if you want to get one when it goes on sale May 18th.

Also, thanks to X10 we now know that the Halo: Reach Beta will kick off on May 3rd, unfortunately the beta will only be available to people who still own a copy of ODST, I am not among them.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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