Speculation abounds as to the existence of movie projects from Legendary Pictures based on Blizzard properties. In May the New York Times reported that plans were afoot to adapt World of Warcraft for the big screen and over the past couple of days Legendary’s site had a Diablo movie listed as ‘In Development’, a lsting which was gone almost as soon as it appeared.

BlizzPlanet, a Blizzard fansite, had this to say about the rumours and the listing on Sunday:

No press release has been made available. The news section has been replaced by a “Legendary 2.0 is coming soon” notice. A week ago, the news section over at Legendary Pictures website had not been updated since Q3 2006. Stay tuned for any updates. A press release could be posted by them in a few days. Diablo is coming to the big screen!

There was an update yesterday which said:

Hocus Pocus. Diablo was unlisted magically from the “In Development” section. I tell you. It is the lesser evils playing tricks with our minds. Where is Deckard Cain when you need him to reaveal the undecipherable.

There is the possibility that all this speculation will be confirmed or firmly put to bed at BlizzCon ’07 in August. As with all these things we’ll just have to wait and see.

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