ps3-black.jpgThe rumours that have been flying around about a new model of PS3 are pretty much confirmed. Sony is still not commenting but the story is coming from so many independent sources now that it looks to be a dead cert.

Kotaku has it from Australian retailers EB Games and JB Hi-Fi, and their customers, that October 11th is the date which the ‘entry level’ PS3 will hit stores down under for AUS$699. Engadget has evidence from Best-Buy which lists a $399 price tag on a 40GB PS3 bundled with Spider-man 3 Blu-Ray Movie, Joystiq reports that a new UPC (Universal Product Code) for the PS3 has appeared in the UPC Database and in the UK, online retailer had a page which detailed the new console but which has been removed a the time of writing.

Sony should just bite the bullet and admit that there is a 40GB PS3 coming out this month.

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