halo3spartcov.jpgCo-operative play is something that has been missing from FPS titles for a while now. Mods for Half-Life and Half-life 2 brought it to the PC, The original Halo and Halo 2 had it on the Xbox but only on the same machine, generally though being able to play through the single player story with a pal or two has been lacking. Bungie are seeking to redress this by offering not just 2 player co-op online in Halo 3, but 4 players. Now every point on the compass can be covered, fireteams organised and the AI soundly trounced. Or so you would think…

The main problem with building Co-op into these games has been getting the AI to react to more than one unpredicatable human player, scripting can only take you so far. The original Halo was praised for its AI, and rightly so. On Legendary difficulty, the hardest setting, the only thing that was different from the setting below was that AI was turned up to 11, the number of enemies was the same and their guns did the same damage to you. Enemies would try and outflank you, whilst distracting you with cannon fodder. They would flush you out with grenades while they waited to stomp on your spartan skull when you ran away from the sticky exploding thing that was sailing towards you. In short, Halo’s AI thought.
I played some Halo co-op on legendary with a friend of mine back in the day, and while the AI was still impressive, it couldn’t quite handle there being two unknowns in the equation. Alot of work will have to have been done to get the covenant to react convincingly to 4 of you. (From Neowin.)

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