ist2_1038097_3d_glasses.jpgNightmares about the Virtual Boy not withstanding, Mitsubishi have demonstrated their new 3D goggles at a US press event. Designed to make use of the greater capacity of Blu-Ray discs and working with projectors and DLP TV’s (not plasmas or LCD’s unfortunately) the footage used for the demo was shot in full 3D but Mitsubishi apparently has in development a Player that can convert 2D Blu-Ray DVD’s to 3D while you’re watching them. It was also suggested that Mitsubishi were in talks with a console manufacturer to bring the technology to gaming (one guess as to who that is, the clue is in the Blu-Ray). The on the fly player will allegedly be ready early next year (I’ll believe that when I see it).
(From Kotaku.)

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