Microsoft have released 2 new maps on XBox Live for the price of $4 (the old XBox doesn’t support XBL Points, so you have to have a valid credit card). This seems like a cynical cash grabbing exercise on MS’s behalf, what with Halo 3 Just around the corner, and there are hopes that these maps aren’t the ‘Vista exclusive’ ones being bundled with the PC version of the game, due out on May 18th. If they are there will be alot of cheesed off Halo 2 players out there, why buy Vista and Halo 2 on PC when for around about the same price you can get an XBox and Halo 2 and you don’t have to worry about whether your PC can handle it? Rest Assured I’ll be looking into this and will report any developments. (From FiringSquad.)

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