An Ohio teenager was dumb enough to play this game for four straight days without taking sufficient breaks.

I’ve played multiple Halo games in all day marathon sessions.  That might strike you as something an idiot would do, but I’ve found someone even dumber.  A 15-year-old Ohio boy has been hospitalized after a Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3 marathon that lasted a whopping four days.  That’s right, someone was dumb enough to play Call of Duty for four days straight and then collapsed of dehydration.  He’ll be fine, but his mother has taken away his Xbox 360 as punishment.

-Nick’s take:  I hope no one reading this is stupid enough to play a video game for four days straight without drinking or eating.  The funniest (and also saddest) part of all this is that the boy’s mother took away his Xbox as a form of punishment.  So, how’s she going to punish herself for her own stupidity?  Did she not think there was anything wrong with her son playing a video game for four continuous days?  It’s not like she wouldn’t have noticed that something was wrong, so what’s her excuse?

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