Okay, lets get something straight from the very start. I have Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2 special edition, The Halo 3 limited edition Xbox 360, and Master Chief’s helmet from my limited collectors edition of Halo 3 displayed proudly in my room. So when I say that I’m a huge Halo fan, you can see I’m telling the truth.

As a fan of the franchise, I would naturally want to pick up the next installment of the series.

Halo: ODST was a massive disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is alright, but as a Halo title it’s sorely lacking.

Campaign mode is divided in to two separate sections. At night you play as The Rookie, the newest member of a squad of ODSTs. As The Rookie, you’re searching for members of your team in the Covenant occupied city of New Mombasa. The nighttime sequences are full of suspense and constant loneliness. During the search, your only companion is the Superintendent, an AI program in charge of the city itself.

These sequences were more annoying than anything else. Your time playing as the Rookie will be rather boring, you will travel from point A to point B in search of a ‘clue’ that will initiate the flashbacks to your teammates.  During these travels you will encounter anywhere from 1 to 3 squads of enemies at one time, these squads consisting of a single brute and generally two grunts. Playing through campaign on legendary is really the only way to be challenged by this game.

The daytime sequences are the complete opposite of the night ones. During these flashbacks you take the role of one of other 4 squad members. Each of these characters has their own specialty, and the flashbacks are generally based around these specialties. As Romeo your time is spent sniping enemies in vast open environments (and a pretty sick rooftop battle) As Dutch your time is spent blowing up vehicles and turrets en masse, as Mickey you’ll speed (or crawl) through the city in a tank killing a ton of enemies, and as Buck you’ll spend the most time on your feet plowing through wave after wave of enemies with your assault rifle (Not to mention a looooong section spent in a banshee)

[Spoilers from this point on, stop here if you don’t want to know]

The storyline is bland at best, it lacks the intrigue and excitement that the series is known for. The ending is honestly a joke. You spend 10 minutes in various vehicles blasting away at enemies on a highway, trading up in vehicles at every pit stop, after finally pulling off into a building you spend the next 10 to 15 minutes fighting4 waves of enemies of increasing difficulty (Firefight much) and then you get on a Pelican and fly away.

Then the credits roll.

I wasn’t sure the game was over until I saw the credits.

Overall the game lacked everything that makes the Halo series what it is. With a dull story, dated graphics, and a HORRIBLE ending… the game is just mediocre.

6 / 10

Sorry Bungie, better luck with Reach.

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